Spring/ Summer 2017 Fashion

Vogue lists the top 10 trends for Spring/ Summer 2017 as:

1.  Bralettes (yes you heard right. “Tops” that look like bras that you can either wear on its own or on top of a shirt. Apparently) 

Opinion: should only be reserved for the super slim and chic, otherwise your belly will just look like sausage rolls. 

2. Fuchsia (doesn’t really need to be explained) 

Opinion: I love this trend for SS17. I think it would be great on an evening out with an off the shoulder black top and gorgeous structured fuchsia skirt. Or even as a dress with pretty summer, sky high sandals. 

3. Deconstructed shirting (as it sounds; shirts that look deconstructed)

Opinion: don’t like it. It looks messy. Like you’ve done your shirt up wrong or a mistake has been made at the factory whilst making it. Some people could probably carry it off but the rest of us would look shabby not chic and like they’re trying too hard to look fashionable. Just wear a normal shirt. Please and thank you!

4. Kitten heels (very low thin heeled shoes) 

Opinion: yes they can look nice but I don’t see the point of kitten heels. I’d rather wear flats or high heels. Also, they’re great if you travel everywhere by chauffeured cars or horse and cart but not if you commute on the underground. They’d get caught and scuffed up on the escalators! 

5. Eighties (oh god, not again…)

Opinion: yes I was born in the eighties but my love of the eighties ends there. I know it’s popular to love the eighties era but I honestly don’t like anything about it. I think the fashion from that time is ugly and the music………… 

6. Tulle (looks like a ballerina skirt or a net curtain depending on how you look at it) 

Opinion: I love tulle skirts! It reminds me of childhood and makes me feel like a prima ballerina. It can be worn with almost anything!! My favourite way to wear it is with a tshirt, strapped sandals and leather jacket. 

7.  Sportswear (no need for a description) 

Opinion: yes yes yes… only for the gym! No no no… for public. Next. 

8. Skewed skirt hemlines (hemlines which are not quite straight)

Opinion: it could work… just depends on the level of skewerbility (is that even a word?!) and the actual design of the skirt itself. 

9. Mini bags (the tiniest bags you’ve seen. You need a magnifying glass to see them). 

Opinion: they’re great if you only need to carry around one lipstick. Honestly, it’s so impractical, especially for women. So, no… 

10. Ruffles (no need for an explanation) 

Opinion: yes yes yes. I love ruffles! Very romantic and feminine. 

Until tomorrow, 

D x

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