Month: March 2017

Paris: Day 5 – In pictures 

Paris: Day 4 – In pictures

Paris: Day 3 – In pictures

Paris: Day 2 – In pictures 

Paris: Day 1 – in pictures

Picture Of The Day…

It’s not often I’m wowed by a flower stand/ shop but how beautiful and inspirational is this flower shop based in Covent Garden? They had the prettiest flowers and made me want to buy the biggest bunch for myself! I probably will go do that tomorrow!  What I love about

Victoria Beckham: Queen of LBD 

Is it just me or has the fuss around LBD’s quietened down? Regardless of what trends come and go, there will always be those classics that will stay on trend regardless. The LBD is one of them, always a staple wardrobe item; as is the crisp white shirt, trench coat,

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