Welcome to my page and thank you for visiting my blog. This ‘blog’ is more of a journey through my life and experiences. I will be sharing things about fashion, makeup and food, as well as my travels to some beautiful places and any other topic that tickles my fancy… and hopefully yours too!


A bit about me: I am a makeup artist and that is my main career; freelancing as well as working for a famous brand. I won’t mention the name because I don’t want people to think ¬†that when I am raving about products, it’s because they think I’m being sponsored. Everything in this blog will be my own opinion and my honest thoughts; especially when I do product reviews!


Likes: Great bouncy (advert-worthy) blow drys, good quality gel manicures and pedicures, statement jewellery, love love loves travelling, eating indulgent food (my favourite), drinking red wine and whiskey (yes, really), wearing bold lipsticks (what’s wrong with wearing red on a Monday morning),¬†listening to music (especially on my commutes to work), singing (I try to embody Adele), dancing (Shakira style), playing the piano, martial arts (I’m no Bruce Lee), watching documentaries and good TV series, photography, watching films (wishing I could play the villainess), coffeeee, reading, writing (obvs), learning languages (would love to be fluent in French) and good old-fashioned honest, good-hearted people (they don’t make those anymore)!


Dislikes: Commuting, cowardly people, injustice, queue-jumping (I’m so British), dishonesty (obvs), hypocrites, rain (unless I’m in a tropical country), incompetent people pretending to be competent, the evil two ‘C’s (coriander and celery), tourists who suddenly stop in front of you (almost killing you in the process) to take a picture of absolutely nothing of cultural interest, my iPhone battery dying, people not giving up seats for pregnant women and elderly people (you know who you are!), shit drivers, the NHS, bad acting, rude customer service people, the security process at airports (necessary but stressful!), gym freaks, socially unacceptable levels of happiness in the mornings (WTF is that about?!), shit sentencing in this country (rubbish judicial system), BNP/ EDL/ UKIP/ Nigel Farage/ TRUMP, racists in general, and the list goes on…


Inspiration for my blog name came about as Tallulah is my inner child; we all have one and it’s that childlike enthusiasm and honesty that I want to shine through my journals.


Welcome to Through The Eyes of Tallulah.



Deborah xo

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