New Launch: Bobbi Brown’s Liquid Artsticks

They’ve finally arrived!! *Does a happy dance* Well firstly, there are so many different liquid lip products on the market so how do you know which is the right one to buy or whether it’s really worth the money?  There are many that are either too shiny (high chances of


Sushi is fish in haute couture… Sticks’n’Sushi is a restaurant that was founded in Denmark. Other than the more traditional family run sushi restaurants, it’s easily my favourite in London.  Unless you’re a sushi connoisseur, people don’t realise the real art that goes into making these objects of beauty; the

Oh My… Ombré

Love these gorgeous nude ombré shoes by none other than the master Christian Louboutin! It is highly likely I’d break my ankle (not to mention my bank) but who needs ankles or food, when you can own this baby? I heart.  Get yours at:  Till tomorrow, D x

Oscar 2017: The alright, the good and the downright hell yes! 

The Oscar 2017 outfits did not disappoint; you had the usual play safe dresses, the princess dresses, the WTF if she wearing dresses and the absolutely flawless ones too. Here are my top picks: Comment: How pretty does she look? She looks like Cinderella after she gets transformed by the

Spring/ Summer 2017 Fashion

Vogue lists the top 10 trends for Spring/ Summer 2017 as: 1.  Bralettes (yes you heard right. “Tops” that look like bras that you can either wear on its own or on top of a shirt. Apparently)  Opinion: should only be reserved for the super slim and chic, otherwise your

Before & After

Note: So I’ll be doing regular features on my blog, some on fashion and some on beauty. The “Before and After” feature will be some of the makeup looks I’ve created with an individual story to tell for each look.                  ——————————— People

Fancy Fendi 

I am totally in love with the new Fendi collection… it’s so chic, romantic and feminine. It makes me long for hot summers (unlikely here in the U.K.)… I imagine alfresco dining on holiday, sipping on aperol spritz or a really chilled white wine, wearing my sunnies whilst watching the

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